Handcrafted Treats
Our Family

Our Family

We are a happy bunch of misfits who love nothing more than to be together and pretty much just eat….lots!

Folks are mistaken when they say you cant choose your family...as we have! Let me introduce you…

Handmade Dog Treats Fun Unique Gifts Gluten-free Organic Handcrafted


My name is Ferne and I am the creative leader of the pack!

Bark & Bake derived from my need for a furbaby in my life.

I have nearly 20 years’ experience within the retail food industry.

I will be honest, I never saw myself as much of a baker…. but apparently, I’m pretty good at it! Well so the pups tell me! I look forward to taking you (and your furbaby) along this journey with us. I hope you have as much fun as us!


Claire is the brains behind the operation. She is also my sister from another mister!

She is the one that made all this possible…I’d still be “developing” if she hadn’t kept me focused and to a tight schedule!

She is the proud Mama of two beautiful kitties that she rescued (Introductions below) and can not wait to be an aunt ... to my pupster!

Handmade Dog Treats Fun Unique Gifts Gluten-free Organic Handcrafted

As you may already have deduced, I am not a Fur Parent…. yet! So, I had to find some taste testers to trial my creations on. Fortunately, I knew some parents that were happy to feed their babies an abundance of treats! So, thank you!

The Tasters


Firstly, there is Basil, a beautiful Dachshund. He has just had his first birthday! He has been loving the jelly sweets that I have been creating. And I think he’s gonna love the Jaffa cakes I’m developing!


Then we have Alfie a gorgeous Cockerpoo. He is 2.5 years old and LOVES the custard creams…a little too much!

Lolli & Odie

And we can not forget the gregarious Lolli and demure Odie! Both wilful participants in my trials and stars of many videos! Lolly is a pug and Odie a terrier both have a loving mummy who has been amazing and so supportive of our project. Thank you, Mummy Mandy!!

The Adopted Pups

Lola and Charlie may not look like your regular pups. That’s because they aren’t…. they’re cats!

Their Mummy is Claire and they came from a tough start. They are brother and sister and have been pinnacle to the development of our products. We don’t discriminate here!

They are gannets and have been privy to a small collection of kitty treats we have been developing…watch this space!

They love to play but are not too fussed about having snuggles but their bellies just call out to you…be prepared for a tackle though!

Why not join our family and become a member of the Bark & Bake pack?

We believe in choosing family!